Friday, November 15, 2019

the main Objective of Prakruthi Meditation channel is to Bring back everybody to themselves with their infinite energy and Wisdom.
Share practical truths related to thinking patterns, life science, meditation, spiritual science, energy balance, nature, relationships and many more about life.

All the concepts explained by our master Sr Umamahesh Kummari who is the founder of Prakruthi Meditation.

About Umamahesh :Master Umamahesh has done 25 years of vigorous practice of meditation Being with nature, Reading thousands of New age masters like OSHO, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neal Donald Walch, Eckhart Tolley and many more.

He is with Brahamarshi Patrji who is the founder of PSS Movement for the last 23 years and Played vital role in Establishing Meditation Centres,Ashrams, Conducting Meditation sessions all over World.
After years of Self practice and Teaching Spiritual science he felt huge Urge from inside to contribute more to world which in turn coming in the form quotes, Audio’s, videos and many..